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500 Bottles of Vitamin C

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

"Small bottles, big impact"

With the onset of Covid-19, fear swept the entire world. In response to help and to build the immune systems of the children, APCF sent 500 large bottles of Vitamin C to the Philippines for us to distribute to the 10 homes in Asia. This became an impossible task since all flights were cancelled and the lockdown restrictions were difficult and different in each country.

As of now, we continue to check the status of the flights and postal services to the various countries where our homes are located. As the travel restrictions lift, Don and I will visit the homes and distribute the Vitamin C.

Presently, the Vitamin C is being given regularly to the 3 homes in the Philippines. All three of the homes have had very few colds and no sickness.

Attached is a short video of the children in one of our homes thanking APCF for the Vitamin C.

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