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Scott - a strong young man on his way into the big wide world

Life and Dreams

Short Story #5

Scott was born as the son of quarry slaves, himself also the property of the quarry and destined to become a slave as soon as he was old enough to work. Ten years ago, Scott and his brothers were secretly delivered by his parents from the quarry to one of APCF’s children’s homes, where he spent the next ten years. Since he arrived at the children’s home, his mother has died by electrocution, and his father is now bedridden due to hard labor.

Today, Scott is a high school graduate operating his own business in partnership with his younger brother, who also graduated at one of APCF children’s homes. He is caring for his other two brothers and his sister, who are all safe and in school. He dreams of one day traveling the world and seeing his brothers and sister succeed in life as well.

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