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Our Mission


Asian Pacific Childrens Fund’s mission is to find, evaluate, and “adopt” well run existing orphan and children homes in the developing world, especially Asia, increase their visibility, and help bring in funding from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, churches and any other group with a heart for these children.

With each home APCF has adopted (or will adopt in the future), we hope to produce a 5-10 minute video, a brochure describing the home, publish their story on our website, and thus serve as a conduit to raise the home’s visibility among potential donors around the world.


You can take part in this vision.



And as good people who have a heart for these orphans and their futures get involved with us (with APCF), we would hope to be supporting thousands of these children. Our vision is to ultimately “adopt” dozens of well-run, loving, caring orphan’s homes, put them on the world’s radar screen – and help them to become self-sustaining. (Already we have children who have grown up in our homes, who have gone to university and have now come back to the home to help staff and raise the next generation of children.)

If you have a heart for hurting Third World street children and orphans, there is much that you can do. Study this APCF website and the information on our homes.

If your heart is touched by our children, where they have come from and the positive transformation that is taking place in their lives, if you can in some way feel the pain of the millions of street children and orphans that have no hope, no life, and no future, then contact us and get involved with the Asian Pacific Children’s Fund. Together we can make a difference in these children’s lives – one child and one orphan’s home at a time.



Together   we  can  make  a  difference  in  these  children's  lives

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