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From Despair to Hope

Life and Dreams

Short Story #8

I am 18 years old and I came from a hopeless situation. My father and mother did not have work and there was little food.

There was no money for school and no house to live in. We lived in one room together. Also, I was the only girl with 5 older brothers.

I came to this orphanage when I was 1 1/2 years old. The leader, who was and is like a Mom to me, taught me many things about life and continues to teach me. She did not give birth to me, but, she’s my Mom, teacher, sister and even a father to me. Her faith has been the most important aspect of her life. She often said, that I must have faith because life can be very hard without it. I’ve been blessed to be here at this children’s home and meet my Mom.

I’ll be graduating from high school next year

and I desire to take a 6 month break. After that break, I have always wanted to study to become an airline stewardess. I am blessed to have this opportunity and to have a dream.

At one time, there was great despair in my life, but now it is a life of HOPE.

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