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I believe in myself and my talents

Life and Dreams

Short Story #10

My story begins when I was 7 years old. My Dad brought me to a beautiful orphanage in the Philippines in 2009. My mother had left our family when I was 1 year old and the year after my father brought me, he died of a heart attack. I was confused and very sad about my life.

Right now, I’m happy because I have a big family that loves me and they are always there for me. At the home, I’ve been able to pursue art, music, basketball, volleyball,

climb mountains and play table tennis.

I had lots of questions when I came to the home, and after living at the home for 12 years, I have made many friends, but one has become a big brother to me. He has helped me with my confidence in many areas; I am calm and smile more and I have a deep understanding that “someone loves and cares for me” and I never have to worry about anything.

One of my favorite hobbies, do you like this drawing?

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