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This is Precious, the young girl that was rescued

Life and Dreams

Short Story #11


Starting Anew

Each year brings new hope for many and for some it could be another year of uncertainty, hunger and waiting. This is true in the life of Precious, a 7-year-old girl from Cavite. Her parents abandoned her when she was an infant and at a young age, she couldn't imagine how life would be without her mother and father. The maternal aunt, who has a family of her own, took her in, but she had a meager income to provide and support Precious' basic needs and education.

A concerned citizen then mentioned the works of this home and Precious was admitted on March 13th. Everyone at the home is trying to make a difference in this child's life.

In insecurity, the fear and loneliness she experienced, as a result of her parents abandoning her at a very young age, will be processed through various programs and services inside the children's home. The family atmosphere is a wonderful way to express love and care.

Precious smiles and hugs everyone and her amiable personality draws her closer to the other children. Her life has taught us to show more love for all the children with great sensitivity. I had a reminder and came to an understanding that those of us who have been blessed with more in life, can still do many things to help others who are in need.

This is a start for her new life and it will be a long road for her, but with the overwhelming love and support that she receives from her new family, I believe she will be successful in her future endeavors!

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Thank you for the loving help Precious is receiving and for you and Don's obedience to God's calling. God bless!

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