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A Hidden Talent

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

"An encouraging story"

My father died of a stroke when I was 8 years old and then, my mother, who was an alcoholic, was brutally murdered when I was 9. There was no financial support and I was forced to stop school and the four girls in my family were divided between 2 aunts. Life was difficult for all of us.

I worked in the fields to harvest grains for food and I became a surrogate mother as I watched over my 1-year old sister. I thought many times that this would be my life, but, after a year, my aunts decided to send all of us to a orphanage where we could be together and attend school.

At this home, I met other children that had similar backgrounds, but, because of my hurts in the past, I was rebellious and could not accept their love. I felt lonely and discouraged. I had a dramatic change of heart and peace and joy entered my life.

Since last March 2020, I started to draw again. I had never drawn portraits and nature scenes and I was not confident, but I tried. I'm grateful for the ability to convey nature and beauty through my eyes and then, a brush on canvas. I feel fulfilled and free when I'm painting beauty. For moments, I can forget my past.

I'll be graduating from High school next year and I would like to become an architect or an engineer to help my aunts who helped me.. The home has taught me many disciplines for life and the leaders have encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

I want to remember that He can bring good out of every difficult situation and can make them beautiful in His time.I have been given me an appreciation for beauty and have been able to turn the ashes (hard situations) in my life to an experience of Grace and Mercy.

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