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My Childhood Memories

"A very moving story of a young girl"

At the age of four, my Mama died shortly after giving birth to my twin sisters. This became a different world for me and I was sad, and my heart was holding on to my Papa.

After the burial of my Mama, my Papa left me and my 6 siblings with his Father's sister and her husband. They were jobless and could barely take care of their own family. At that time, I asked Papa not to remarry and he promised not to, and rode off on his bicycle.

Six months later, Papa remarried and took the older boys with him; the rest of our siblings were given to our different aunts to be cared. Being 5 years old, I stayed with my father's mother, but that was a lonely and dark time for me.

When I was 6 years old, my aunt and great grandmother heard of an orphan's home and they decided that my two brothers and I should go there.

Four months after I arrived at the orphan's home, I was asked to pack a few clothes because I needed to go my aunt's home. I didn't know the reason, but I was excited to see Papa. But, I was afraid and could sense something was wrong.

I was greeted by my older sister and knew immediately that there was a problem with my Papa. Papa had died of tuberculosis. I remember hugging the casket and crying rivers of tears; my heart was broken into millions of pieces. I realized I was now truly an orphan.

As I look back over the last 13 years, I am glad that I was brought to this orphan's home. They have fed me, clothed me and loved me. I have had the opportunity to go to school and I'll be graduating from High School this year. I plan to attend university t study agriculture. I've had many Mama's and Papa's that have stood as my parents in the absence of my biological parents.

Because of what I and my siblings have been through, we are very close. We are an hour away from one another; so we can see each other often.

Spiritually, I've learned that God is my Father and has a great plan for my life.He can take a lonely, sad little girl and continue HIS work within me and give me a life and a future.

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